Sunday, November 30, 2008

Humbling Holidays

Here comes yet another holiday season. Here at the Gracia house we are actually getting festive earlier than usual. Tree's up, lights are on. Even drove through towns looking at lights and listening to Christmas music this evening (while fleeing one more uninterested realtor and buyer). The boys and I baked enough sugar cookies to feed Glen's office, a friend's family of 7, and our own brood. Glen and I have everything ready to go on Amazon. Just one click and Santa's parcels are on their way. Thank God for internet shopping. Honestly, what do people get out of the hustle bustle, lack of parking, and crying, tired children at the mall?? I am looking forward to going out to pick up a couple of things and truly enjoying the decorations, mall Santas, and music without the plethora of bags and lines--everything in moderation as they say.

My holiday accomplish it with as little stress and as much joy as possible. I want to sit back with cups of cocoa, look at the tree and read Christmas stories to our three darlings without our minds running. Everyday is taken up with so many responsibilities. Laundry to fold when my 3 year old looks at me with his serious blue eyes to ask, "Mommy, can you play with me?" Or a dishwasher to empty when my 6 year old wants one more hug. And then the little princess of the house parks herself on my lap, book in hand, fully understanding that yes, she does get attention pretty easily. (She doesn't leave many opportunities available to eschew her advances.) Our little ones are growing too fast and I just want to take this holiday season slowly, bask in the glow of the multi-colored lights and watch them enjoy each magical moment. I want to find myself more often than not, saying yes to their requests. Not for the toys but for the time. Twenty years from now, the gifts will be long forgotten, but the time spent cuddling, reading, playing castle, transformers, or kitchen dancing will live on in my adult children's minds. That is my gift to them this year.