Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby Boycott

My recently turned three year old has decided to boycott everything baby. "I am NOT a baby. I'm a wegular tid." (translation: regular kid) Today, after stopping in at my mom and dad's house to rescue Emma's "Boo-Boo" from his night away from his Emmy (Truth be told, I think I missed that little blue monkey more than she did.), my mom sent me off with "Bye, baby! See you tomorrow!" I wave and start to pull away when from the backseat I hear, "NANA! My mom is NOT a baby!! She's a dirl!" (translation: girl) So indignant for such a little bab--sorry--kid. I laughed out loud and tried to explain to him that I will always be Nana's baby, no matter how old or big I get. I looked in the rearview mirror, caught the crossed arms, furrowed brow. He wasn't buying it. Take two..."Sam, just like no matter how big you get, you will always be my baby in my heart." Obviously, those child psych classes I took in college didn't have a syllabus bullet on toddler negotiations, either that or I had skipped that class. "MOM! I am donna drow up and be a big fireman, NOT a baby!" (You may be getting that many of Sam's consonants are not mastered...for instance g's usually sound like d's. That noted, translations are no longer necessary.) Glutton for punishment, I went in for take three: "Sam, even when you are a big, brave fireman, saving people from their burning homes and rescuing cats from trees, you will still be my baby because I will always remember." The conversation came to an abrupt end with "I'm donna punish you, mom. That's it--do in time out!" Welcome to life with a three year old.


golden girl said...

hi nicole! thank you for the blog comment :)

have you ever seen the board book Little Gorilla? your blog entry reminded me of it :)

nicole said...

I just got this!! No I haven't seen that book. Maybe I should get it for him.

Hope you have a merry Christmas!!! Please tell the family we send our holiday wishes!